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Our Fabric Pre-Production unit relies on a system for the research, inspiration, search for materials and development of fabrics that caters the most discerning costumer requirement, offering turnaround times that are in accordance with their current needs. There is also a web-based library and a CAD software to obtain the designs and colors fast and develop images of the apparel with the fabrics that we manufacture. In addition, we have a separate plant to prepare fabric samples in miniature looms as well as air-jet looms and rapier looms to produce traditionally small-size samples. It has a library with over 5,000 fabrics and 2,500 thread colors of different qualities and materials allowing the swift manufacture of very accurate proposals.
The Pre-Production team is composed by a combination of wide-experience personal with high qualifications on the duties of product development, finishing processes, design of fabrics and garments. This team supports the manufacture of different signature collections per season including colored yarn fabrics, prints and dyeing on fabric pieces and garments, in a wide variety of fabric structures in which different laundry effects on garments can be combined.

The new products team connects and integrates the Textile Pre-Production unit with the Garments Development unit that is formed by highly qualified staff specialized on the interpretation, analysis and engineering of the product.

They develop, assess and strictly select the accessories to ensure the functionality and quality of what will constitute the finished product.

Among the specialized technology we use in the processes you can find: WebPDM for Datasheets, Lectra´s Modaris and Diamino versions for pattern making, and Optiplan for programming and optimizing marker making.

As well, there is a cutting, sewing and finishing module for prototyping and samples ensuring timely delivery.