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This lifestyle brand permanently innovates the details and designs of its Peruvian pima cotton garments to provide a fresh, cosmopolitan, dynamic and easy-to-wear look to which urban professionals can relate to and create a wardrobe, where basic garments coexist with trendsetter ones.

At M.bö, our objective is for men to enjoy wearing garments that show their personality and essence.

We offer a creative concept and a variety of products of the highest quality intended for different occasions. This is our inspiration for the creation and development of each collection.
Points of sale: 
Boulevard Jockey Plaza Tda. A2 -14C.C. Mall Aventura Plaza Tda. 1191
C.C. Plaza San Miguel Tda. 224Piura:
Av. Emilio Cavenecia 268. Tda. 102, San IsidroC.C. Real Plaza Piura Tda. 146B
C.C Real Plaza Salaverry Tda. 343B, Jesús MaríaArequipa:
 C.C Real Plaza Arequipa Tda. 226
 C.C Real Plaza Cusco Tda. 143